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Maintaining a balance of Economics, Society & Environmental aspects

The co-existence world lies at the very heart of everything we do. We are actively contributing to building a more sustainable society and making a measurable impact in Thailand.


We explore how we can learn from nature and its system.

We participate in environmental activities to demonstrate that every individual can make changes in vital, relevant issues. Apart from meeting safety and sustainable compliance, we also raise awareness for ecological conservation both internally and publicly.


Responding to the fact that humans affect the environment through their behavior, we involve in education to promote environmental awareness.

Our involvement in education is putting this into practice. In collaboration with local schools, we enable students to understand the impact of their decisions and actions through environmental learning activities. We also aim to provide environmental education to other individuals of all ages and from all backgrounds in the local area.

Community health & hygiene

We build community and individual relationships through medical services for us to coexist harmoniously.

We deployed a mobile medical clinic and provided mask distribution to prevent a spread of COVID-19 virus and other diseases for residents residing in the area. We are committed to enhancing the living conditions of local people.