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Event 11: A talking Flower. [ ]

Cory is preparing to fight Papyrus, however, Frisk says the woman is discovered a criminal free services. She flirts which have your. Papyrus believes up until now Frisk, immediately proceeding the lady take. Cory fights Papyrus and narrowly escapes whenever his attack are taken by unpleasant canine. It call it a tie and you can Papyrus lets them to move to the. Cory wants to start out however, Frisk does not feel at ease condition upwards Papyrus therefore continues its go out. Cory, afflicted with jealousy, observe and observe nearby due to the fact time unfolds.

Cory awakes out-of a mysterious fantasy, an aspiration out-of genocide. The guy chooses to take a walk out to waterfall in which he matches Sans and that is brought so you can Reflect Herbs. Sans brings him to the a great shortcut off to Grillby’s in which it features dinner. They make small-talk and possess burgs before Sans asks Cory in the event that he or she is actually ever viewed a speaking rose. He speaks of the echo flower, informing Cory this of these talks to Papyrus and he thinks somebody are extract a key on the your. Cory agrees to save an eye fixed aside because they area ways. After, Cory and Frisk just take a trip as a consequence of waterfall, consult echo herbs and prevent dropping stones. It select a mystical camera hidden inside waterfall prior to moving toward and eavesdropping on a discussion between Papyrus and you will Undyne. Beast Boy located the whole ordeal significantly more pleasing.

Occurrence twelve: Undyne [ ]

Cory and you may Frisk discuss waterfall, appointment numerous mirror plant life about waiting space and you will attacking giants including Aaron. It fundamentally come across a track record of beasts. in order to discover a frustrating picture at the end. It cross the lake with the a drifting program and are also experienced with Undyne, the newest terrifying knight that they had tried so difficult to prevent.

Occurrence thirteen: Waterfall [ ]

Cory and you may Frisk talk about the brand new mystical elements of Waterfall, encountering reflect herbs and getting a troubling telephone call away from Papyrus. It enter into a mystical liquids occupied space in which Onionsan conversations their ears off which have sad tales. They then meet Shyren who must be cheered up and resolve this new piano mystery simply to has actually its legendary artifact stolen from the Annoying Canine. It get some good umbrellas and you will Monster Man, and determine to explore the new wet elements up until they stumble upon a lovely look at the new kings palace. Cory and you can Frisk propose to stand one minute and you can honor the fresh eyes. It press toward and you may Monster Son provides them with an increase therefore they may be able go come across Undyne.

Episode fourteen: Crazy Dummy! spicymatch oturum açın [ ]

Cory and Frisk run into Undyne once more and get to dodge this lady fatal spear attacks. Right when they thought they’ve got escaped, Undyne edges her or him and you will sends them for the a keen abyss. Once walking thanks to particular scrap, it are in person on Upset Dummy! He or she is a ghost. one lives to the a dummy, looking to revenge! He is protected because of the Napstablook whom reveals them particular chill spooktunes and supply him or her property trip. Anything rating sometime trippy and you will unusual so that they intend to log off.

Occurrence 15: Temmie Community! [ ]

hOI! i’m tEMMiE! dis episod away from undertale brot 2 you because of the tem and you may tEM community! jus a reminder, wear forget about my pal! if you keeps dog deposits here are some da tEM shop cuatro all ur tEm need that assist tEM shell out cuatro colleg! once da snail farm, cory and you may frisk communicate with gerson this new turtle in the locations to come across tEM community. they select tem the conclusion. now teM wade watch egg. bOI!

Event 16: Preserving Beast Boy [ ]

Cory and you may Frisk keep exploring the Underground, taking on Moldsmal and Moldbyg. Cory kills Moldbyg during the a fit out-of an anger and another triumphs over him if you will. They proceed to illuminated lanterns and you can resolving a network when you look at the the fresh dark. Exactly as they eliminate the new dark, a mirror flower warns “At the rear of your.” They look to pick Undyne, lecturing them about the 7 souls needed seriously to refrain the newest underground. Courtesy Monster Son, they may be able refrain. Cory and you will Frisk after that acquire some reflect herbs and this give an effective haunting facts out of giants that require to leave the underground. They come upon Monster Man once more, and then he almost falls from the boundary! Cory saves your, even with Undyne lingering romantic. They proceed to an enormous hill, where Undyne stands and tells these to plan a combat.